Whether you’re looking to get a supercharger, turbo, or exhaust installed, a transmission rebuilt stronger than ever before, a block machined to micromillimeter perfection, or the perfect tune to crank out the most horse power from your car, you will find the shop here.  We’ve compiled all the best local performance shops and added an easy search function so you can find the best performance shops easily.  Whether you have a Lamborghini that you want to twin turbo, a Mustang you want to tune, a Supra you want to have 1000+ HP, or even an RX7 you need worked on, you will find the best shop for the job here.


You don’t have to guess shop is the best.  You don’t need to troll forums post 900 times before you can ask someone a question about a shop.  They’re rated and reviewed right here, complete with pictures of the facility and past work.

Search by location, type of car, or type performance shop you’re looking for and you’ll find it here with reviews and ratings of the shop.  No more worrying about getting ripped off at a local shop or wasting time trying to find a shop that has a good reputation.  All the performance shops in one website.